FAQs and Policies

What are your rental rates?
All rates displayed on the website are current but subject to change when requesting a reservation. After submitting a reservation request online, you will be contacted via email and given a quote applicable to the rental dates desired.

Where are the cars picked up?
All cars are garaged at our office location in Downtown Clearwater and need to be picked up and returned to this office. Free local pick-up available.

Do you offer airport pickup and drop-off service?
Pickups and drop-offs at the airports can be arranged and must be scheduled in advance. cars2rent offers this service for a nominal fee based on the pickup and drop-off location, which are as follows:

  • Tampa (TPA) – $40 during regular business hours (add $10 for after-hours)
  • St. Pete – Clearwater (PIE) – $30 during regular business hours (add $10 for after-hours)

Do you offer unlimited mileage?
Limited mileage is offered. You receive 50, 100, or 150 FREE miles per day depending on the car being rented. Miles are accumulated daily (eg. for a one-week rental period, you may get 350, 700, or 1,050 FREE miles). Unlimited mileage is an option that can be purchased for $10 per day on certain vehicles.

What are the extra charges for going over this limit?
The charge for going over the mileage allowance is $0.20 (20 cents) per mile. However, you also have the option to purchase additional miles in advance at $5.00 increments per 100 miles.

Do you allow travel outside of Florida?
NO, our vehicles are not permitted to travel outside the state of Florida.

Do you accept any credit card?
Yes, we accept American Express, Discover Card, MasterCard, Visa, and also Debit cards from your bank. And PayPal payments.

What are my responsibilities when I drive a rental vehicle?

I.) Damage to a Rental Vehicle: A person who rents a vehicle from cars2rent is responsible for the safe return of the rental vehicle in the same condition in which it was rented, except for normal wear and tear. Unless prohibited by state law, a renter may be held responsible for all damages to the rental vehicle, including loss of use, should the vehicle be damaged in an accident. This is the case regardless of fault. Whether or not you caused the accident, you may be asked to pay for the damage up to and including the total cost of replacing the vehicle in case of a total wreck or loss. The renter is responsible for checking the vehicle before departure from the rental facility and upon return to the rental facility. In the event that a rental vehicle has been involved in an accident, be sure that any estimated damage to the rental vehicle has been recorded properly before leaving the rental facility.

II.) Rental Vehicle Gasoline: Any person who rents a vehicle from cars2rent is responsible for returning the rental vehicle with the same amount of gasoline as was in the vehicle upon departure from the rental facility. The renter is responsible for checking the vehicle before departure from the rental facility and upon return to the rental facility. If the renter fails to return the vehicle with the proper level of fuel, an additional charge for each gallon of fuel needed to return the vehicle to its proper level will be charged to the renter in addition to the rental charges.

What is the minimum age a driver must be?
cars2rent rents to qualified drivers 21 years of age and older. If you are under 25, an additional fee will be imposed and the purchase of Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) is mandatory if you cannot provide full-coverage insurance for the car rental.

What is RCP?
RCP stands for Renter’s Collision Protection. It is not insurance but rather a way of protecting yourself against high charges for damages to the rental car. At cars2rent, you can purchase RCP with a $250 deductible for $30 per day.

How old are the rental cars?
All cars in our fleet are in like-new or near-new condition. Photos of our current selections are available for viewing at each respective car rental page. If you have any questions or concerns about the age of our vehicles, contact us.

What do I do in the event of an accident?
Always make sure that everyone involved is okay. If someone is injured, immediately dial 911 for help. You must contact the local authorities in order to fill out the necessary accident report. Then, call our office to inform us of the accident, as well as your personal insurance company. Further instructions will be given at that time.

What are your business hours?
Up-to-date business hours can be found on our contact page, but you’ll find below our current hours of operation:

Monday – Friday:  10:00 a.m. to  5:00 p.m.

Saturday and Sunday: CLOSED. Car drop-off is available.

(Special arrangements can be made for pickup on a Saturday/Sunday or a Holiday, with additional fees.)

For all other inquiries, contact us at 727-443-6464. We serve the entire Florida areas near Clearwater with excellent vehicles, airport delivery, and car rental specials.

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