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Florida Vacation Car Rental

At cars2rent, we understand that vacationers in Florida want to make the most of their trip, and that means having a car rental that’s both affordable and reliable. If you’d like to make your Florida vacation something to remember, and at a price that won’t break the bank, call our Clearwater-area car rental office at 727-443-6464 to request a reservation or more information on our car rental deals or rates.

Things to do in Florida

Scheduling a vacation can be somewhat tricky due to complications with air travel and the unpredictability of weather. As always, we offer the perfect cheap car rental for any trip, so you can put your energy into planning the fun parts. Below you’ll find attractions — some of which are in Clearwater, others outside the area — for both families and solo adventurers alike.

Disney World

Of course, one of the main attractions in Florida is Disney World, home to the world’s best theme parks and family-friendly sights. Design your own package, or schedule a trip using the suggestions below. Just park your car rental, and head into the magical world that is Disney.

Animal Kingdom

Take safari-like tours into the heart of the park, making your way from jungle trails to tropical gardens to desert pathways. The Animal Kingdom also has rides for older kids and a petting zoo for the young ones. This theme park is unlike any local zoo imaginable, and it’ll call for a nap afterward.

Epcot Center and Theme Park

At Epcot, the future really is now. Bring the kids and explore the starry abyss of the night sky in a space simulator; dive beneath the water and tour the illustrative and informative underwater displays; or test your creativity and build and ride in your own concept car. Accept the invitation into the future, and spend the day here. When night falls, go outside and watch the fireworks.

Typhoon Lagoon

A true escape, even for grown-ups, the Typhoon Lagoon is Disney’s world-class water park offering water slides, rapids, and snorkeling tours. Families and couples alike can embark on a magical adventure at the Lagoon, and have time in the evening to dine out or simply enjoy the tropical weather.

Get Ready to Explore Florida!

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Segway Tours

In any large city in Florida, including Clearwater and Tampa Bay, you’ll find exceptional Segway tours that quickly introduce you to the local hotspots. Park the rental car and enjoy this fun way to see the city, and select a few favorites to explore later.

Sailing Trips in Florida

Greet the sun or say bon voyage to it aboard an elegant sailboat. Sailboat tours are relaxing ways to enjoy the scenery, and who knows, you may even get to see a school of dolphins play around in the boat’s wake. Set sail for some fabulous memories, and be sure to bring the camera to capture the beautiful Florida sunset.

Florida Fishing Charters

Clearwater and the surrounding areas seem to have a fishing charter around every corner, and for good reason: the fish are plentiful and seem to be bait-hungry all year-round. Catch and release, or keep some for a fantastic dinner.

We can’t plan that perfect trip for you, but we can certainly give you the keys to a car rental to get from place to place. For more details on our car or van rentals, or to schedule an airport pickup, call our office at 727-443-6464. We look forward to helping turn an ordinary trip into the vacation of a lifetime.

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